English, セッション(トレーニング), ケンカ, 散歩での引っぱり, 多頭飼での悩み, 興奮




I owe you many THANKS! Through your guidance and understanding I have learned more than I thought possible.

When you came to work with us, I was heartbroken. Due to the issues we were having I truly thought that I was going to have to find a new home for Liberty Belle. I have had many trainers come and work with Liberty Belle, but you were the first to work WITH ME first.

By working with me, I now know how, not only to be, but show and command being the PACK LEADER. You have shown me how to properly walk my babies, and now the walks are just AMAZING! You came in being very Confident, as such taught me how to be just as confident, and I love that. Now all of my dogs RESPECT ME and that just feels GREAT.

Thank you so very much for all of your help and leadership, and for showing me how to be a TRUE Leader. You have worked a miracle in keeping my whole family together and safe… YOU ARE AMAZING!!!