English, セッション(トレーニング), オビディエンス, 散歩での引っぱり, 跳びかかり



I wanted to write you to let you know how thankful we are for you and your training. My husband, daughters and I really enjoy working with you.

When we brought our rescued 8 month old pit bull (mixed with a little boxer) to you we were overwhelmed. We had a feeling she could be a good dog and were willing to step up to the challenge. But after 2 weeks of working with her we were not sure we were capable of handling this “high energy” dog.

We came to you anxious because if it didn’t work that Sunday afternoon Noelle, our 58 pound puppy, was going to have to go back to her South Central foster home. I was told the morning we met you that if we could make it through the next 8 months, Noelle would be a really good dog. I didn’t think I could make it through one more day!

The afternoon we brought her to you we could hardly handle her getting out of the car. She was excited and out of control. She was lunging at everybody and anything that moved.

However once Noelle met you everything changed. We couldn’t believe it. By the end of our training that day Noelle was lying on her back waiting for a belly rub. This dog was transformed. She wasn’t a high energy dog, just one that needed swift and efficient discipline. We thought we were giving that to her, evidently not, because the results of her working with you, Masumi, and your time teaching all four of us is priceless.

Now six weeks after our first meeting with you and we can’t imagine living without our family dog, Noelle, a pit bull mix.
Thanks again,
The Ruther family