English, セッション(トレーニング), 攻撃性, 噛みつき, 散歩での引っぱり, 跳びかかり



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Rookie is a four years old, male, German Shepherd and Chow mix. I am Mami, Rookie’s fourth owner. When he was a puppy, his first owner adopted him from a local shelter. When he was three years old, his owner dumped him at the shelter.

He was then adopted by two other families, but they both returned him back to the shelter after only a few days.

He got a foster. Unfortunately, Rookie attacked a dog on the street. Neighbor called animal control, so he was sent back to the shelter again.
Because of Rookie’s history of dog aggression, rescue groups almost gave up on him. They all agreed that no one could handle Rookie, so they decided to send him to a kill shelter.

I intervened and adopted Rookie. I hired several dog trainers to help handling Rookie. But because of his dog aggression they also felt he was a lost cause.

When all hope was lost, I searched on the internet and found Doggie’s 911. The experienced trainer is Masumi Hara, a Japanese dog trainer based in Los Angeles. She is the owner of Doggies 911.

Even though Masumi agreed that Rookie’s aggression was dangerous, she was committed to figuring out how to help him. She soon realized that it wasn’t Rookie that was the problem, it was the handler. She’s now training me to be a good owner, who isn’t fearful of Rookie and can manage this wonderful dog.

It’s a lot of work and without a doubt. I’m continuing to take lessons from Masumi. I want to be a good owner for Rookie. He deserves to have a harmonious life with lots of doggie friends.

I love my dog Rookie!