Humans have different personalities: those who are self-assured and those who are less confident or those with affirmative approach

and those who are less assertive.

Such characteristics may change depending on the situation.

People may feel more confident when under some circumstances and less so, especially when removed out of their comfort zone.

Understanding these two state of minds; ‘Dominant’ (assertive) and ‘Submissive’ (passive) is very important these sessions.

We do not believe in using punishments, force nor treats when training the dogs.

D911 Top Dog’s speciality is to learn about dog’s state of mind.

We train the owners to realize the different in the dog’s state of mind.

The important lesson is to understand ‘why’ dogs behave in certain way.

Once the owners learn the dog’s state of mind and become capable of communicating their intention, no punishment, force or treats are required.

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