D911 TOP DOG’s main activity is in education. Nonetheless, D911 TOP DOG’s method and style of learning is based on fun, cool and most importantly, engaging, rather than having to study with pen and paper, gritting teeth at a desk.   We train dog owners, trainers and any others who are involved in looking after dogs. The main principle of our learning style applies to dog as well; it is important to make sure the dogs learn in a recreational environment while training and going through a rehab.   Rescued dogs may have unstable state of mind or missing the basic rules of living in a society. If those were the reasons for being abandoned, it is important to remove these factors. While the rescued dogs are under our care, we teach them as much as we can to ensure that the new family and the dogs can have pleasant, stress-free life together.   For the dog owners, we teach both the dogs and the owners, providing sessions for owners who don’t understand their dogs and wish to solve their dog’s problematic behaviours.   Currently, we have four Dog Behaviour Specialists, including Masumi in LA; however, we also provide online sessions for those who live outside of LA.   We are also providing education for official dog handlers, so that our recommended dog handlers living in Japan would be able to provide sessions in Japan.


Doggie’s 911 Activities

Doggie’s 911 was founded after Masumi, who was working as a volunteer in a shelter, witnessed the same dogs being abandoned over and over again. Masumi then began her activity to be the rescue portal (911) for the dogs (doggies) in order to help those dogs in need of her support.   Doggie’s 911 aims to provide a stress-free, pleasant life for both rescued dogs and the new owners. We don’t only simply provide temporary shelter for the sake of rescuing the dogs’ life, but we live with all dogs; from strays, aged and those who had an accident. This is based on the belief that dogs are the only magnificent animal who are capable of living with humans.   Unlike the other organisations who aim to simply ‘provide new homes to the abandoned dogs’, Doggie’s 911 Rescue aims to ‘make sure that the dogs are not abandoned again’. In order to stop owners from abandoning the dogs and to ensure no more dogs are abandoned, we are working at our very best.   Through such activities, we have been successful in rescuing 150-200 dogs every year welcomed by the owners who will not abandoned them.   We are now expanding this activity in Japan as well as in the US.

Doggies 911 Rescue