Please refer to the frequently asked questions below, which may help to answer the questions you may have, before contacting us.

A.Sessions are designed to allow owners to learn, rather than to train the dogs to fix the problematic behaviour. The aim is to teach the owners how to train, rather than to change the dog dramatically after taking one session.

Dog rescue activities and volunteering

A.There are many things you can do to engage in dog rescue activities. If there are any shelters or dog rescue groups, you may be able to look after the dogs or volunteer by cleaning or walking the dogs. If you only have a limited time to spare, you may like to donate or speak to people you meet about the dog rescue activities.
A.We will only be taking long term volunteers who are available to help on a regular basis.

Issues with the buttons/corruption of text

A.Please let us know by using theContact Usform page and fill in your details; name, e-mail address, your number (optional) and indicate the issue in the ‘Message’ column.