There are many organisations as well as individuals who engage in protection activities, in US and in Japan.
The main reason I have started to raise the fund is to re-educate (rehabilitate) dogs.
Not all dogs from the shelters are accepted by the families. Most dogs end up in the shelters for having some sort of sickness or problematic behaviours.
Having to take on such dogs may be a risk to the new owner and how could the dog and the new owner make a fresh start?

One of the problems rescue organisations have, is the lack of fund to re-educate and train the dogs. This would mean that a may be saved once, it will then be passed on to another owner without fixing the problem. This could worsen the problem by repeating the same process over and over again.

Furthermore, there are dogs who spend years in shelter due to the fact they are not compatible with any owners. This, would not count as saving lives.
In order to help such dogs, I have been providing training (rehabilitation) new owners who have adopted the dogs as a volunteer.
Rescue organisations are mostly run on a donation and most of its fund is used on treatments, castration, microchip installation and boarding fees.
There are trainers who are able to teach handling or train dogs. Yet they may charge significant amount of mount of money and (with or without skills) result may not always be clear and thus training is not considered to be important.
I have always wanted to work on such areas.
Since then, I have never taken fees for training the rescued dogs; however, I then started to question this. I thought of the risks of being involved in rehabilitation and training of the dog for free within an organization.

1. There will be a charge for the ordinary dog owners and this will lead to discrimination, as the dogs at the shelter will receive the treatment free of charge.
2. If more organisations demand the service I provide, I would not be able to operate properly.

When I thought of those two issues, I decided that it would be best to charge certain amount of fees for the rehabilitation and training.
Apart from the skills required, there are other fees such as food, treatment, gas fees which must be covered.
Some organization may be able to afford such payments and there are other organization or individuals who are not capable of covering all the costs.
Therefore, I have thought of starting the D911 Rehabilitation Fund. The fund will help to cover the cost the other organization can’t afford.
This way, the pressure on assisting volunteers can be reduced, as well as for the foster (owners who temporarily keeps the dogs).
By educating the foster family, it may be possible to re-educate the dogs with difficult characteristics.
Understanding the problems rescue organisations have, D911 Rehabilitation Fund was set up to support rescue organisations and re-educate dog.
This is not to support the treatment fees for the dogs in shelters. This is created to support rescue organisations and dogs who do not have a home.
Also, in order to continue providing support, I take minimum fees required to continue support the organization. Please consider this as supporting the ‘activities’ that I provide.