USA Member


I took an interest in animal protection when I was in High School. Unsure of joining the protection activities where only the abandoning dog owners are blamed, I didn’t take the initiative to join the volunteer activities.

While studying abroad, I started working as a volunteer to walk the dogs at a local shelter. This led to my meeting with Masumi, whom I met at the volunteer placement, few years after moving to LA.

My hesitance towards the act of simply ‘blaming the owners’ then cleared: calling out to ‘not abandon dogs’ is not the only way to protect the dogs. Training abandoned dogs as well as new owners and those with dogs who have problematic behaviours is also an important part of protection activities.

I then attended Masumi’s seminars, which led me to acknowledge the joy of understanding dogs and taking part in volunteering. Being inspired by the ‘positive protection activities’ I became a member of D911 TOP DOG/Doggie 911 rescue.

I would very much like to continue to help create good relationship between the dogs and people through taking a part in the volunteering program.





USA Member


I was at a total loss with my previous dog, until a friend of mine mentioned about Masumi. After attending her sessions, I was surprised to see the changes my dog and at the same time, shocked to realize how ignorant I was.

Since then, I began to take a part in Doggies911 volunteering activities, hoping to be involved with dogs, as well as my own.

At the same time, following Masami’s belief; ‘if you want to learn more about dogs, take care of the rescued dogs’, I actively started looking after larger dogs.

As I take care of the dogs and attend training sessions run by Masumi, I learnt the importance of peoples’ awareness, more so than the actual training techniques.

Currently looking after a Pit Bull/Boxer Mix dog at the Dog House, training and work to improve its aggressive behaviour.





USA Member


I started off as a one-year-study abroad program student, however I ended up studying at a junior college in the US. With the spare time, I started volunteer activity in a shelter in 2009.

In this shelter, I met a Pit Bull and a German Shepherd Dog. My job was to take these dogs, but I was dragged around by the strong dogs, getting hurt at times, wondering if I wasn’t using the right techniques.

Fortunately, I then met Masumi, where I saw how differently dogs behave in a pack and when they are alone. Also when the humans changed their behaviours, the dogs changed the way they reacted; it was truly miraculous.

Since then I was fascinated by the dogs and I spend my days attending sessions and protecting the dogs. I would like to continue to maintain ‘tough’ attitude and ‘affection’ towards the dogs.



Atsuko Miyama

JAPAN Member – Kanto Area


After working as a hairdresser for 17 years, I moved to Saitama Prefecture and adopted a German Shepherd Dog from a shelter, which changed my life completely.

The dog showed intense aggression towards other dogs, pulling the leash so hard that walking the dog was almost impossible. The dog also had an extreme separation anxiety combined with destructive behaviour; sometimes finding the dog covered in blood.

Dog trainers and specialists all refused to be involved and could not gain any support. It was then I learnt about Masumi, the first instructor of Dog Education, living in LA, from her web log and started receiving e-mail magazines and e-mail sessions.

Understanding ‘problematic behaviours’ and how to handle this, I leant all my knowledge and the dripline methods were wrong. At the same time, I was pleasantly surprised to see the changes in my dog.

Since then, I started being involved in the volunteer activities at the Animal Protection Centre and began looking after the dogs.

In August 2013, I travelled to the US to learn D911 TOP Dog Masumi’s training methods. After returning to Japan, using my own experience and the strong desire to ‘help the troubled owners’, I started providing free training sessions.




Miyuki Fuchigami(Fuchigorou)

Japan Member – Chubu Area


In 2009, I attended dog training centres and visited trainers with the rescued dog I was looking after called Ebisu. I was deeply troubled by the lack of improvement, but it was then I came across Masumi’s seminars and sessions at the Doggies911 (currently called D911 TOP DOG). It was a shock to learn that ‘the problem was not with the dog, but with myself’.

To understand more about how Masumi interacts with her dog on a daily basis, I attended the Academy in LAS in 2011.

After returning to Japan, I started a dog hotel while taking care of the rescued dogs and providing free training sessions.

Dog Behaviour Specialists help to understand dog’s state of mind and be a mentor to transmit the message owners want the dog to understand, in a way that dogs can easily understand: As long as the owners don’t give up ‘trying to understand the dogs’, they will always be able to achieve this goal.

*Due to the on-going rehab sessions, there will be no activities except the web blog updates. Once the rehab has been completed, pack walk, training session will restart. Thank you for your understanding and patience.




Sachiko Azumi

Japan Member – Kansai Area


Being a dog trainer for a few years in Osaka, I have gotten lost, thought and learnt from both clients and dogs. Of course, I had always had the passion. Nonetheless, my passion to ‘help the dog’ and ‘help the owners’ were not enough to help the dogs.

In 2011, I learnt about the Dog Behaviour Specialist Masami; inspired, I travelled to LA in 2013/2014 and receive a training. Slowly yet surely I started to understand dogs and lead the others by teaching them.

To stable the dog’s state of mind, encourage the clients to be the Top Dog: In April 2015, I quit being a dog trainer, I became a Dog Behaviour Specialist.

I will lead the sessions with ‘tough love’.