Doggies911 aims to ‘abolish owners who abandon dogs and abolish the abandonment of dogs’: Based in the United States, actively working in Japan and US, the organisation is constructed with two governing bodies – Doggies911 Rescue; protecting and coordinating new homes for the dogs, D911 TOP DOG; education for dog and the owners. 


Although there are dog owners who shouldn’t keep a dog, there are also people who sincerely love their dog and wish to enjoy their time together. Nonetheless, some may feel a great stress just because they do not understand their dogs and result in letting go of their dog or abandoning them. 


D911 TOP DOG focus on ‘educating the owners’ who have problems with ‘troublesome dogs’. At the same time, we help to encourage owners who had ‘learned about the dogs’ to help educate the concerned owners.

Also, Doggies911 Rescue help to train and provide rehab session for the rescued dogs, allowing to ease the problematic characteristics and coordinate appropriate home for the dogs.


By returning the part of the profit from solving the problems and educating the owners to the Doggies911 Rescue, the organisation is able to help connect the ‘abandoned dogs’ and ‘owners who will not abandon’.