MIX|Lupita & Kona

(english / session-training / anti-social / panick / obedience / aggression / pulling-on-the-leash / excitement)

We have two dogs, Lupita and Kona. They had behavioral problems.
We agreed with Masumi’s philosophy and knew that she was the one for our dogs. But the US is too far to take the dogs to meet her, because we live in Hong Kong. So we decided to do the training remotely by exchanging email and resolved to do it ourselves by following Masumi’s advice.

Lupita’s main issue was that when we had visitors to our house she barked aggressively. She even bit one of my friends. After her training, she is no longer aggressive toward visitors and can behave calmly when visitors come to our house.
Kona’s problem was that when she saw other dogs outside, she panicked and often barked uncontrollably. After her training, she can now pass by other dogs without being aggressive.

Lupita and Kona’s improvement is a good example of the possibility of transforming a dog’s behavior by remote training over the internet.
This can only happen if the owners change their attitude and behavior. I think it would be great if our experience gives hope to other dog owners who are facing the same kind of problem as ours.

If you are interested in our case, please check out My Blog, to see how we trained our dogs and how Masumi trained us to become better dog owners!