Pit Bull|Noelle

English / セッション(トレーニング) / オビディエンス / 散歩での引っぱり / 跳びかかり

I wanted to write you to let you know how thankful we are for you and your training. My husband, daughters and I really enjoy working with you.

When we brought our rescued 8 month old pit bull (mixed with a little boxer) to you we were overwhelmed. We had a feeling she could be a good dog and were willing to step up to the challenge. But after 2 weeks of working with her we were not sure we were capable of handling this “high energy” dog.

We came to you anxious because if it didn’t work that Sunday afternoon Noelle, our 58 pound puppy, was going to have to go back to her South Central foster home. I was told the morning we met you that if we could make it through the next 8 months, Noelle would be a really good dog. I didn’t think I could make it through one more day!



セッション(トレーニング) / ホームセッション / なつかない / 自傷行動 / 攻撃性 / 吠え / 噛みつき




Pitbull|Liberty Belle

English / セッション(トレーニング) / ケンカ / 散歩での引っぱり / 多頭飼での悩み / 興奮

I owe you many THANKS! Through your guidance and understanding I have learned more than I thought possible.

When you came to work with us, I was heartbroken. Due to the issues we were having I truly thought that I was going to have to find a new home for Liberty Belle. I have had many trainers come and work with Liberty Belle, but you were the first to work WITH ME first.

By working with me, I now know how, not only to be, but show and command being the PACK LEADER. You have shown me how to properly walk my babies, and now the walks are just AMAZING! You came in being very Confident, as such taught me how to be just as confident, and I love that. Now all of my dogs RESPECT ME and that just feels GREAT.

Thank you so very much for all of your help and leadership, and for showing me how to be a TRUE Leader. You have worked a miracle in keeping my whole family together and safe… YOU ARE AMAZING!!!


セッション(トレーニング) / オンラインセッション / 散歩での引っぱり


そんな中、偶然同じ悩みを抱えていた飼い主さんからますみさんを紹介してもらう ことができ、今回メールセッションをお願いすることにしました。正直、直接トレーナーさんが来てくれても治らなかったことを、どうやってメールだけの指示で治すことができるのだろうと、始めるときは多少半信半疑な部分がありましたが、その疑いは数回メールのやり取りを続けるうちに、そして指示されたことを実践するうちに完全に消えて行きました。



セッション(トレーニング) / ホームセッション / 攻撃性 / 執着(食事、おもちゃなど) / 噛みつき / 興奮 / うなる

ますみさんに「ヤカラ」と呼ばれる我が家の黒柴、『麻呂』はとっても可愛い子犬でしたが、日本犬が欲しかった旦那の憧れや、『麻呂』と名付けたかった私の夢はアッサリと崩れ去りました。私たちの考えが完全に甘かったのです 散歩に連れて行こうとすると、地面に足を踏ん張って歩きたがらない、じゃれ噛みは酷く、服は穴だらけ、自分が嫌だと思うことをされると本気で噛み付き、手を傷つけられる、問題が現れ本当にヤカラとなったのです。

まだ子犬だから・・・と、どう対処していいのかわからない内に、麻呂が潜在的に持っていた一番酷い問題が行き着くところまで来たところで爆発して現れました。Food Agression(フードアグレッション)、初めて耳にする言葉でした。餌対する異常なまでの執着心、目つきは変わり、早食い、毛は逆立ち、体全身で威嚇します。触ると唸り警戒しますし、空になった餌の容器とその周辺すら守るようになり、食後にその周辺を通ると、唸って威嚇したり、時には飛び掛って襲うようにもなっていたのです。



English / セッション(トレーニング) / オビディエンス

We took our 4 1/2 month old bulldog pup, Maggie, to Masumi’s group puppy class. She was not exhibiting any “problem” behavior yet except for the usual puppy excesses. Masumi’s training was a good balance of assertiveness and common sense.

She is friendly, down to earth and clearly understands the dog mindset. She gave us advice specific to our breed (bulldog) and to our specific puppy. I saw that Masumi was also knowledgeable about the other breeds and types of puppies in our class.

Her training is not simply all treats or all correction but a sensible balance of the two to produce a healthy dog and parent relationship. She helped our bulldog pup by not only training her but teaching us how to be calm assertive leaders of our “pack.” Masumi is our “dog whisperer” of the Harbor area.

Thank you Masumi for all your guidance.

MIX|Arturo Bandini

English / セッション(トレーニング) / 執着(食事、おもちゃなど) / 吠え / 拾い食い / トイレトレーニング / 破壊行動 / 興奮

Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix, Male, 1.5 years old, Bounces like a gazelle. When he was “Doogie” he chewed shoes, purses, leather furniture, just about anything within reach. He also pee’d and pooped everywhere, whenever he wanted. He was loving and adorable, but cost thousands in repairs for the first owner.

He was still “Doogie” when he was rescued by his second owners, senior citizens, who lived in a senior community. They loved him for seven days, and returned him to the SPCA on the 8th. The notes the volunteers read to us read like a rap sheet for a three strikes offender.

We rescued him knowing all of the above and immediately renamed him a dignified “Arturo Bandini.” He was clearly well trained by his previous owners. He was trained to pee and poop everywhere, bark at everything, chase our cats, eat our leather couch, a few shoes and work-out gloves, and some Tupperware tops and containers (they never seemed to be a match).


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