English / セッション(トレーニング) / オビディエンス

We took our 4 1/2 month old bulldog pup, Maggie, to Masumi’s group puppy class. She was not exhibiting any “problem” behavior yet except for the usual puppy excesses. Masumi’s training was a good balance of assertiveness and common sense.

She is friendly, down to earth and clearly understands the dog mindset. She gave us advice specific to our breed (bulldog) and to our specific puppy. I saw that Masumi was also knowledgeable about the other breeds and types of puppies in our class.

Her training is not simply all treats or all correction but a sensible balance of the two to produce a healthy dog and parent relationship. She helped our bulldog pup by not only training her but teaching us how to be calm assertive leaders of our “pack.” Masumi is our “dog whisperer” of the Harbor area.

Thank you Masumi for all your guidance.

MIX|Arturo Bandini

English / セッション(トレーニング) / 執着(食事、おもちゃなど) / 吠え / 拾い食い / トイレトレーニング / 破壊行動 / 興奮

Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix, Male, 1.5 years old, Bounces like a gazelle. When he was “Doogie” he chewed shoes, purses, leather furniture, just about anything within reach. He also pee’d and pooped everywhere, whenever he wanted. He was loving and adorable, but cost thousands in repairs for the first owner.

He was still “Doogie” when he was rescued by his second owners, senior citizens, who lived in a senior community. They loved him for seven days, and returned him to the SPCA on the 8th. The notes the volunteers read to us read like a rap sheet for a three strikes offender.

We rescued him knowing all of the above and immediately renamed him a dignified “Arturo Bandini.” He was clearly well trained by his previous owners. He was trained to pee and poop everywhere, bark at everything, chase our cats, eat our leather couch, a few shoes and work-out gloves, and some Tupperware tops and containers (they never seemed to be a match).


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